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Hello! I'm Andrew, an Interactive Art Director.

I'm currently working at the Norcat / ILC Immersive Learning Center.

Andrew Kostuik is an Interactive Designer based out of Sudbury, Ontario. He co-founded OTA (OverTheAtlantic) Interactive at the age of 20. At the agency he served as Creative Technologist working with clients across a spectrum of sectors.

Under his direction his projects have received national and international attention including a coveted Canadian Marketing Association Award. In 2011 Andrew stepped down as Partner at OTA and left the company to pursue other endeavours.

He has since worked alongside talented studios. startups, and companies to create a wide array of apps, games, print, websites, videos and more. Andrew has spoken at conferences globally, including FITC, GDC alongside Unity3D, and Unite.

Aside from commercial work, Andrew spends his spare time crafting and experimenting with unique experiences. In 2011 his project Doodleizer was well received by the community, it earned a spot in .NET Magazine's Top 20 Flash Websites of 2011.

Example Work / R&D Training Environment / Crow Trailer / Neuro Rehab / Halve-Life Android / Geo-Clock Prototype / The Crow Game / The Crow Alpha Trailer / Doodleizer / Every Emotion Costs / NiteFall Studios / Mobile UI Layouts / Product Design Concepts / Digital Print & Web Design / Product & Asset Examples / Game & Layout Design / Apparel Product Design / Norcat Commons

Experimental Projects / Eternity Cards / Tri-Hyperspace / Eternal Hands / Illuminated Shader Exploration / Room Exploration / ZED: Absolution

Talks & Slide Decks /
FITC Toronto 2014 The Next Videogame Revolution [ View Slides ]
FITC Toronto 2011 Doodleizer! Microsoft Paint on Crack [ View Slides ]

All other inquiries please contact [email protected]